Letter: OHA would improve ‘lei of green’ promenade
February 14, 2023

By: Zaralyn Aki

As a Native Hawaiian, I was appalled to see Bob Crone’s letter (“Kakaako Makai could be more than high-rises,” Star-Advertiser, Feb. 10) casting “shame” on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. He got everything wrong and has the gall to wag his finger at Hawaiians?

At least he’s heard of the “lei of green” policy, which OHA has embraced, prioritizing public access with a wide, welcoming promenade to connect Kewalo to Honolulu Harbor. And there will be more public access points to the water than there are now.

Further, the parcels where OHA wishes to build residential units are inland and not on the waterfront. And OHA is committing 10 of its 30 acres to parkland, increasing the amount of open space in the area.

OHA’s plans for Hakuone are readily available online. I suggest Crone sit down and do the bare minimum of research before belittling people who have defended shoreline access longer than he’s been alive.

Zaralyn Aki