Letter: Let Hawaiians build on Hawaiian lands
January 15, 2023

By: Sweetie Kuehu (Aliamanu)

I recently attended the virtual town hall regarding parcels of land, now named Hakuone, delivered to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) in 2012 in Kakaako Makai.

OHA is asking lawmakers to end the restrictions on residential development on these lands. If you look across the street, Howard Hughes Corp. has built multiple high-rises. Yet decision- making is always made so difficult when it comes to Hawaiian matters.

The obstacles placed in our path are just a method of stalling progress and keeping us in the same place, like a hamster on a wheel. It’s getting old and tiresome.

I grew up in Kalihi and have friends whose parents grew up in Kakaako. But there is no Hawaiian imprint there anymore. Our genetic fingerprints on this aina have been removed. Hawaiians must unite and reclaim what is rightfully ours, and support the realization of Hakuone.

Sweetie Kuehu