Letter: Kakaako Makai’s future is for OHA to decide
May 19, 2023

by: Pohai Ryan

Regarding Kanekoa Crabbe’s commentary on Kakaako Makai — or specifically, Hakuone by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) (“OHA should realize the site is not a pono place to build housing,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, May 15): I’m disappointed in the Star-Advertiser for printing false information.

OHA’s decision to accept Kakaako Makai was not impulsive, but an example of a bad-faith settlement. Exemptions have been made for every building built after 2006 just across the street for a few developers that dominate the design of the area.

Unlike Alexander & Baldwin’s plans, OHA’s proposal does not include building on the shoreline, nor does it propose a monstrosity of a maritime center, aquarium and simulated surf center that Friends of Kewalos feel is appropriate.OHA will determine the future of this aina, not because wealthy condo owners don’t want a blocked ocean view, or because certain legislators want to dishonorably take it back, or some surf- goers don’t want to share the ocean after OHA opens six additional access points. OHA is the landowner and it will determine Kakaako Makai’s future.

Pohai Ryan