Letter: Allow Hawaiians to use Kakaako Makai lands
February 3, 2023

By: Pualeilani Kamahoahoa

As a Native Hawaiian, I strive to educate and share compassion among others, through intention and not as a “walking museum” or mere entertainment.

Many actually are surprised my family and I live in Kakaako. Sadly, it makes me question if I am even worthy to be a resident amid the bustle of development money and high-rise condos.

I welcome the vision for Hakuone in Kakaako Makai because it returns fellow kanaka back to their birth sands and gives them the value of life they deserve (“Kakaako Makai intent in 2012 needs to become reality in 2023,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, Jan. 8). I pray for a community of my kupuna that shared close-knit unconditional love.

I hope in this 2023 session, legislators will do what is pono and lift the restrictions they have placed on what the Office of Hawaiian Affairs can do with Hawaiian lands in Kakaako Makai on behalf of its beneficiaries, like myself and my ohana.

Pualeilani Kamahoahoa